Data for research

Trauma is a global problem with an extensive impact on all levels of society, humanity and economic development. The Releaf Project aims to make trauma care more accessible, enabling training for non-specialists at scale.

EMDR training

EMDR training for non-health professionals

EMDR is an evidence-based, scientifically validated and WHO recognized treatment method for trauma that resolves emotional distress based on bilateral stimulation (rapid eye movement) and reprocessing trauma memory.

With EMDR, rolling out trauma-treatment at scale in low-resource or non-specialized health settings and crisis situations is possible. The Releaf Project provides appropriate EMDR training leveraging new technologies (online and blended learning methods).

Early intervention protocol

Research suggests that early intervention, which reduces or eliminates acute distress, prevents the development of subsequent disorders. The Releaf Project provides an appl-based and WHO-approved early intervention protocol to enable non-specialists in low-resource settings with assistance and guidance for various physical or psychological symptoms.

Intervention protocol
Data for research

intersection of trauma care, training at scale and research.

The Releaf Project aims to collect and organize trauma data for existing and future research, then creating interventions and platforms that put insights derived from that trauma data to use for a more holistic trauma care management.

our mission

The Releaf Project is providing training and tools for trauma intervention, to reduce or eliminate acute distress and eventually prevent the development of subsequent disorders.

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