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Poor Children - need educationIlliteracy on the rise
According to a 2009 news report - the number of illiterate children in the Philippines, which has grown to 15 million in the last 7 years, is expected to further increase as more children stop schooling every year. Find out more to help

New home for used books - book driveBooks usually can't be recycled along with other paper recycling like newspapers because of the glue that's used to bind them. Instead, there are many possibilities for reusing, donating or reselling books. Instead of collecting dust in your shelves, your books deserve a new home. Give your used books a second home. happy children - education and environment - recycleChildren are our future
Education and environmental preservation are critical things to provide for our children. Donating used books can help address both. Book donations will be redistributed or sold to raise funds for charity (child sponsorship programs of World Vision Philippines).

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